San-mi Blend
San-mi Blend

San-mi Blend


This is Maru’s signature blend, with a refreshed name. San-mi, previously known as our single-origin blend, has been served year-round in our cafes since 2016: two coffees from Ethiopia, one natural and one washed, roasted separately and then blended to yield the best of both worlds—clean, sparkling acidity with citrus and tealike notes from the washed half, and more robust berry and sugary notes from the natural half. Every harvest, we taste dozens of Ethiopian coffees and select only from among the highest tier, or “Grade 1,” lots for blending, so that from year to year, as the individual components vary, the experience in the cup remains consistent, and exceptional. The roast profile is slightly more developed here than in our lighter roasts, which yields an ideal Ethiopia for daily drinking: sweet, balanced, and satisfying, as good with milk as it is without, perfect for drip or espresso—or one of each.

Notes: Peach, Persimmon, Orange blossom



Our coffee bags are 100% biodegradable.
Please remove the tin tie and label before disposal.

Roasted in Los Angeles, CA