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Brew Recipe Guide: Kalita Dripper

Writtten by Minkyu Park, 24 August 2021

At Maru, we build our offerings with intentionality and attention to quality. We are constantly in an ongoing journey to find unique flavors, while sustaining a familiar experience that everyone can enjoy. From a unique espresso offering to a well-thought out pour-over recipe, we want to ensure we are illustrating each coffee properly.


This month, we took some time to create an inside conversation as to what our preferred brewing methods are and why. We asked owner, Jacob Park, to share his thoughts on one of his favorite brewing methods: the Kalita.

Q: How fine or coarse do you prefer the grounds?

J: All grinders have different standards and increments for grind size, so I find a good general guideline to be finding the maximum finest and maximum coarsest settings on your grinder, and setting your grind near the midpoint, or about 40-50% toward coarse. It should be slightly finer than a medium-coarse.


Q: How do you typically brew your coffee? Do you have a general recipe you like to follow?

J: 22g ground coffee  |  330g water at 193F-195F

If you do not have a variable temperature kettle, you can add one ice cube, or a couple of ounces of cool water into your hot water kettle to lower the temperature slightly.


- 30g bloom (initial pour)

- 100g 1st pour - slow spiral

- 100g 2nd pour - medium spiral

- 100g final pour - fast spiral

Q: What is the reason behind the lower water temperature?

J: Because we roast with more development time, our coffee brews best at a lower temperature. I also personally like the flavor when brewed this way. Having the water a little cooler also helps prevent the Kalita’s slow flow-rate from causing over-extraction of the coffee.


Q: What do you like about brewing coffee using the Kalita dripper?

J: It brews slowly. So it is consistent and delivers strong flavor and the slower flow rate helps to prevent under-extraction.

We look forward to continuing to offer insight into Maru, and our philosophy to providing a good cup of coffee to our community.