Guatemala Finca El Mirador
Guatemala Finca El Mirador

Guatemala Finca El Mirador


Single variety

The washed Pacamara from Finca El Mirador is fermented in water for 24 to 36 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Once the fermentation is complete, the parchment is fully washed and dried on patios for 6 to 9 days. Each day-lot is cupped and sorted by cupping profile. Finca El Mirador is a small farm located near a small town called Quisaché, meaning “tree with thorns” in the local Kakchiquel language. It is believed that it was named after the big and tall trees that were planted across the area. The coffees are grown under shade from Grevillea trees. The farm receives 1,500 mm of rainfall on average per year. In 2015, the farm became part of Panorama Estates, the organization that manages the farm. Today, the farm is under the supervision of Panorama Estates standards such as care, selection and separation of the varieties, fertilization methods and processing techniques. These standards and methods have allowed Finca El Mirador to achieve better cup quality and production than neighboring farms in the surrounding area.

Notes: Creamy and rich body, mild apple-like acidity, and a nougat sweetness.


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