Ethiopia Wuri - Grade "Zero"

This is a truly exciting Ethiopian offering sourced from the district of Gedeb, home to some of the highest-elevation and best-tasting coffees there are. This one-of-a-kind lot comes from Worka Sakaro, a small area near the border with Guji, another region famous for incredible coffee.

Wuri is one of Worka Sakaro's two privately held washing stations—the places where, with lots of work, coffee cherries become coffee beans. The name in the local language simply means “high altitude,” and it ranks among our favorite sources for coffee here at Maru. Over the past couple of years, we have roasted and served a lot of delicious coffee, both washed and natural, from the station.

This coffee represents a very special microlot from an already special origin. All coffee grown and processed in Ethiopia is graded for quality on a scale of 1 to 9; only a small amount, grades 1 and 2, even qualify as specialty coffee. For this microlot, the producers at Wuri went even further, meticulously selecting only the very highest quality coffee cherry, all sorted to consistent size, to produce an even higher grade of coffee: their own Grade Zero.

This extremely careful, time- and labor-intensive selection process results in a unique and remarkable coffee. Upon tasting, we’re reminded of fresh honeydew melon and fruit candy, and the coffee has a clean, juicy body with a peachy, floral finish. It’s washed Wuri at its very finest.



Honeydew, Peach Blossom, Brown Sugar


Our coffee bags are 100% biodegradable. Please remove tin tie and valve before disposal.

Roasted in Los Angeles, CA.

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